How To Get Google Adsense Fast Approval 2019

Hello Vibers! If you are a blogger or you have a website and you are finding it difficult to get AdSense approval then this tutorial is for you! In today’s tutorial i am going to show you some few tips to apply for adsense and get approved fast.

We all know that to get adsense to approve a blog or a website is getting more difficult day by day as they frequently change policies. I am going to share my personal experience with you on how i suffered before i got approved! Follow me.

It’s really easy to make money online by using Google AdSense program. But most of the people don’t know how to apply or which things should be done first before applying for Google AdSense approval. From my Google AdSense experience I willtry to share some ideas with you and i hope these ideas will help you more to approve Google AdSense account

Basic requirements for signing up for Google AdSense

  1. You must own a blog.
  2. You must be 18 years old or above. If not, get your parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf.
  3. Your website must be fully developed and contain original contents.
  4. Your website must not violate Google AdSense program policy.

Guide On How to Get Approved

First of all if you are a music blogger and you want to get approve then  i will advice you to SUSPEND music posts until you get approved and then you can continue. Google HATES music posts.

Step 1: Create the necessary pages which are; About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy. else google will always reject your application if you don’t have those pages.

Step 2:  Write good content; Content has always been the key success for every blog or website! You need to write some original content for your blog (Not less than 300 words). The most important thing for success with AdSense is having a website with great content that delights your users—before you apply to AdSense, check that your site has interesting and original content.

Step 3: Use a G-mail to apply: Fill out the necessary information needed, copy and paste the adsense code on your blog or website header and wait for approval!

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